Inter-American Development Bank








Since 1959, the IDB is the largest multilateral development institution providing financial and technical support to Latin America and the Caribbean working with governments, the private sector and civil society. IDB financed development projects help reduce poverty and promote socio-economic growth in the region.


The Inter-American Development Bank, believes that economic and social development means much more than building bridges and schools, providing clean drinking water and health care. It means improving the quality of life of the people of Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB believes it’s vitally important to support cultural initiatives that provide opportunities for everyone to nurture their souls, encourage their dreams and reach their full potential.


The IDB has played a strong role in promoting culture for development. Over the past 20 years the bank has issued loans and grants totaling around $2 billion for cultural programs with socio-economic impact. These include projects to restore and revitalize historic colonial neighborhoods, support the creation of youth orchestras throughout the region, promote sports as a tool for developing youth job skills, and many others.


Considering that the IDB believes that cultural promotion is a key driver of economic development in the region, the IDB has partnered with Q’Viva’s producers. Q’Viva is a tapestry of the beauty, diversity and cultural richness of Latin AmerIca and the Caribbean, and I congratulate all of Q’Viva’s producers for their vision,” said the President of the IDB, Luis Alberto Moreno.


Through Q’Viva, audiences will be able to appreciate how creative and magical is the Latin American and Caribbean region and through the international reach of Q’Viva’s broadcasting partners, people all around the world will have a much fuller vision of who the people of Latin America and the Caribbean are.


The IDB collaborated with the producers of “Q’Viva by supporting the talent search in Latin America and the Caribbean through its youth network, cultural institutions and other organizations tied to IDB-backed cultural projects. More than 500 candidates from 14 countries participated in the auditions.

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